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Online catalog 2022 - 2nd edition with new cabins

The second edition of our BORKS online catalog 2022 is ready for Download . We've got a whole bunch of great new items on sale. So there is still a very good chance of finding YOUR house by the fjordside for summer or autumn 2022. Enjoy browsing!

BORKS tip: How to find your dream house by the fjord!

1) Click on the menu item Holiday Homes - Reservation
2) Click on the desired date in the appointment calendar (starting on Saturday and ending on Saturday)
3) If necessary, limit to region, then click "Start search".
All holiday properties that are currently still available for the desired period are then displayed. Enjoy browsing!

Holiday homes catalog

Holiday homes catalog

Download our current catalog directly to your PC, your cellphone or your tablet.

Fishing Holidays in Norway

Fishing Holidays in Norway

The one at the right places in Norway will catch fish. These spots are very close from our fishing houses.

Holiday Homes
Ferries to Norway

Ferries to Norway

We know all ferries from our own experience and will help you with words and deeds on the way to your holiday home.

Ferry Connections