Fiske ferie

Fishing holidays

The water in Norway is cold enough that fish stocks, such as from the Barents Sea, also feel very well on the coast. The air temperature

is still so pleasant that man can stay in the wild without problems. This is ensured by the Gulf Stream. The fjords, island gardens and skerry coasts provide protection against the wind and waves. There are bays and coves along the entire Norwegian coast, which provide lots of fish due to the tide or oceanic streams. These are located so calm and sheltered that fishermen are able to fully satisfy there passion in any weather conditions. The recent ice age left the fjords and the rocky landscape, with their canyons, ditches and ridges, but of course not only above sea level. Underwater it looks the same. So the one at the right places in Norway will catch fish - many and big ones, as these occur at the hotspots of fjords and the ocean.

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