Borks Vacation Houses in Norway
Borks Vacation Houses in Norway

Vacation Houses in Norway

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Come to Norway!

  • Norway has a length of about 2600 km, on the north, south and west it is surrounded by water. On the east side it borders on Sweden and in the very northeast on Finland.

    Over the "Vogelfluglinie" or the "Øresund Bridge" (bridge linking Denmark and Sweden) you can reach Norway easily by car, especially the Oslo region. If you have the time make the journey become the reward and want to better know Sweden, you can make this detour without problems. A stopover should be scheduled.

    Economically the cheapest and fastest way is going by ferry, which travel directly to Norway. Especially travelers who want to travel to the southern part of Fjord Norway, which contains the regions Sørlandet, Rogaland and Hordaland, should take the route by ferry. Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger for example may be mentioned as ferry ports.

    The best way to go to the northern part of Fjord Norway is to get a ferry which is landing in the southeast, because from here the fastest way to Sogn og Fjordane or Møre og Romsdalon leads over the mountains. Travelers deciding to spend their holidays in the region north and south of the Arctic Circle should necessarily go by car from eastern Norway. To reach the area north of the Arctic Circle, it absolutely makes sense to take a flight. Nowadays airports are available in all parts of the Norwegian country.

    For all alternatives to travel to Norway we help with words and deeds. By the way, you will get a detailed plan, which easily guides you to your vacation house's front door.

Ferry connections to Norway

    • Color Line
    • Hirtshals – Kristiansand

      Ship: Super Speed I
      Duration: approx. 03:15 hours
    • Hirtshals – Larvik

      Ship: Super Speed II
      Duration: approx. 03:45 hours
    • Kiel – Oslo

      Ships: MS Color Fantasy / MS Color Magic
      Duration: approx. 20:00 hours
    • Fjordline
    • Hirtshals – Stavanger / Bergen

      Ships: MS Bergensfjord / MS Stavangerfjord
      Duration: approx. 10:30 hours / approx. 16:30 hours
    • Hirtshals – Kristiansand

      Ship: HSC Fjord Cat (only 07.04. to 11.09.)
      Duration: approx. 02:15 hours
    • Hirtshals – Langesund

      Ships: MS Bergenfjord / MS Stavangerfjord
      Duration: approx. 04:30 hours
    • StenaLine
    • Kiel – Gothenburg

      Ships: MS Stena Skandinavica/ MS Stena Germanica
      Duration: 14:30 hours
    • Frederikshavn – Oslo

      Ship: MS Stena Saga
      Duration: 07:30 (daytime) / 13:00 hours (night-time)
    • Frederikshavn – Gothenburg

      Ships: Stena Jutlandica/Stena Danica
      Duration: 04:30 to 05:30 hours
    • Rostock – Trelleborg

      Ships: Skåne/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
      Duration: 06:00 (daytime) / 07:30 hours (night-time)
    • Sassnitz – Trelleborg

      Ships: Sassnitz/Trelleborg
      Duration: approx. 04:00 hours
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