Borks Vacation Houses in Norway
Borks Vacation Houses in Norway

Vacation Houses in Norway

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Boating in Norway

  • Water, the fjords on the west coast, lakes and rivers, skerry islands and the sea...all these elements are part of the Norwegian way of life.

    Almost everybody in Norway owns a boat – boats have become an indispensable element of everyday’s life: no matter if we are referring to leisure activities such as sailing, fishing, enjoying peaceful moments in the sea or quotidian activities such as going to school, to the hairdresser or visiting a friend. You just need a boat.

    This is exactly what we would like to share with you: the sense of adventure, all the impressions and vibrant moments and feelings that emerge in this country surrounded by water.

    Therefore, almost all our houses have a boat included in the offer. However, we do take a big responsibility since boat trips can be dangerous if the basic rules are not followed. The weather, the wind and the waves can be capricious; that is why all boats that are being hired together with the houses do fulfill our minimum prerequisites, that is, at least 10 –15 HP as per example shown above. In any case, always be careful and pay attention to any changing weather conditions and the forecast, follow the basic rules and instructions that you can find in all houses and the advice of the house owner, too. Always have a cell phone with you, wear a life jacket and do not fish while standing.

    Bearing this in mind, just enjoy your stay in this wonderful country, its fjords, landscapes and romantic scenries… pictures that you will never forget...